Thursday, January 28, 2010

About Reader's Workshop: The first two days of Reader's Workshop

So today was the second day of school, and I finally feel like we've actually learned something! We managed to sneak in 25 minutes of Reader's Workshop yesterday, and then another 35 minutes today, but tomorrow we should be good for the whole 45 minutes.

Things I noticed
    The Cat Ate My Gymsuit
  • A couple of my Grade 5s are big readers. One grabbed the Hobbit straight up, another one is half way through a book (he told me he didn't like reading last year!) 
  • Sometimes a good, smaller looking book can be just the way to grab a reader who's gone a little off reading. I gave one of my Grade 7 girls The Cat Ate My Gymsuit, and she's already right into it. Which means it's likely that she'll read all my Paula Danziger :)
  • Students are already making good image/subject connections when choosing books.
  • It's so great to see 8 boys crowded around a picnic table, hats on, heads down silently reading.
Things I want to keep working on
  • I need to make sure my intent is really clear in conferring. I'm looking forward to spending longer time with a few students each day to really get into what they're reading.
  • Mini lessons - making sure they're clear, concise and really applicable to the students reading. Though today's discussion about student's book history opened up some great conversation. These kids love books that people who are important to them hand down to them

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