Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coming up this week: Teacher Read Alouds

Over this coming week I'm going to be doing a series of posts on reading aloud in the classroom. Is there anything about read-alouds you want to know about or want to read about? Comment here!


Lara Ivey said...

Read Alouds are such a powerful tool! I feel that the teacher has the responsibility to "sell" books that the consumer (student) wouldn't necessarily "buy" on his/her own. Therefore, try to find titles and authors that they may not be familiar with...ones that have rich vocabulary, believable characters, possibly humor, etc. There is nothing that bugs me more than a teacher reading aloud a novel that the students would already read. Sell them something that they have no idea about. Give them a taste and then let them dig in!

Cathy-Anne said...

As a pre-service teacher I would love to hear your ideas on teacher read alouds:
1. Do you set a focus/purpose for
read alouds with the class?
2. What do you let the kids do
whilst you are reading i.e.
draw, take notes (e.g. I
wonder?), read along with
another copy?
3. Do you model thinking aloud
(comprehension) whilst reading
or at the end of the read

I look forward to your posts..I am sure there will be great ideas I can put in place during my next prac.

A Reader's Community said...

Cathy-Anne, I hope I've answered most of your questions here: Good luck in your next prac :)

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