Monday, January 18, 2010

Visiting the Lifeline Book Fest

Twice a year, a MASSIVE second hand book sale is held in Brisbane, with all the profits going to support free counselling services. I've been going for years now, first for books for myself, now for books for my classroom (and a couple for myself).

I love to go to the opening of the first day - it's always packed and people get so excited about books! This year I went straight for the children's section in the priced section, where most books are priced between 50c and $3.50 - I picked up some great bargains there. Then I went on to the unpriced books where kids books are 4 for $1 - and there was some awesome, fairly new books there! It's going to be so great to begin the year with so many new books.

I've already started reading - 9 books down so far including Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman. Here have some photos!

My empty trolley and bag, ready to be filled with books. This was taken about 10 minutes before the doors opened when there were hundreds of people crowded around the doors. Most people carry reusable bags, though there were a few small trolleys and suitcases also to be found.

This is a picture of the hall from around the middle. All the way up and down the hall are tables just covered in books. It's near impossible to describe the scale of this thing!

My trolley and bag full while I waited for the registers. Luckily, the lovely guy behind me helped me load everything onto the tables to be added up.

This is the view down one of the Children's tables in the unpriced section (where children's books were 4 for $1). There's a bit of madness going on, but I managed to haul out some great books from here that were in really good condition.

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