Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Talk: Books I've Used for Read Alouds: Part Three

The last part (a short one) of my list of books I've used for Read Alouds. You can also read Part One and Part Two.

Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix
(Grade 5/6) The thriller genre was not a genre we'd particularly looked at, so it was good to get into this book. There's a lot of ethical questions raised by the story which led to some interesting debates about morality.

Operation YesOperation Yes by Sara Lewis Holmes
(Grade 5/6) This one was a huge hit. It was nice reading a story set in a familiar but not familiar setting. The students really loved the characters (and the range of characters was also a bonus), and the drama stuff was an added bonus. Also good for teaching some elements of reading/writing like forshadowing.

Parvana (Breadwinner) by Deborah Ellis
(Grade 5/6/7) We've really only just started this one, but it's a hit already. The students have probably learned more about Afghanistan through the two weeks we've been reading this than they've learned before. A lot of them are really interested in Parvana's bravery, but horrified by the conditions - it's a nice match with Boy Overboard and Mahtab's Story which lots of kids read last year.

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