Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reader's Workshop Links: Book Trailers

I have recently become a little obsessed with book trailers. I love the way they promote reading. I love the way they teach kids to promote books, to choose careful vocabulary and think about the images and music which would best suit their book. We haven't begun making them yet (this week we'll start), but we have viewed a few and talked about them.

So, here's some of my favourites:

Dork Diaries by Rachel Russell - This is a new, and very popular book in my class. It uses text and images from the book to create the trailer.

Three Willows by Ann Brashares - This trailer uses actors, which is pretty cool. I'd love to see the children try to script and film a full trailer.

Ranger's Apprentice - I've seen a few Ranger's Apprentice book trailers about and I really like the way they create the images of the books.

The Hunchback Assignments - I absolutely love this trailer, and we've watched it several times. It really makes the book exciting!

Do you use book trailers in your classroom? Do you know of some really awesome ones, or some good student made ones? Let me know about it in the comments

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winnie said...

Well, I created my first book trailer posted on several sites including my blog and youtube i love it..i think its creative, feel free to visit my site and select the book trailer tab. let me know what you think

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these! Book trailers are a great way to hook kids and get them excited to find and read a new book. Some of my favorites right now are
Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins,
Skeleton Creek
by Patrick Carman, and
The 39 Clues Series
. I hope others will share their favorites so we can hook more readers!

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