Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reader's Workshop Weekly Roundup: Week Seven

The Week That Wasn't.

Well for me it wasn't anyway. Due to a number of things needing to be done this week, I spent a grand total of one day and one role marking time with my students. It's difficult to be out of class that long - even more difficult when you run a classroom a little differently from other classrooms, and you have to try to explain that to the supply teacher.

When I finally got back in the room on Friday, I was anxious to see what they were reading. The Ranger's Apprentice series is taking off in popularity, along with the Percy Jackson books (a lot of kids borrowed them from the library to supplement the copies I have in the classroom.) Wendy Mass books remain popular, with Every Soul a Star a highly sought after choice. Several of my boys are also picking up Dork Diaries to read, definately not turned off by the bright pink cover.

Instead of just book talking on Friday, I read the first part of a couple of books. It worked well with The Wednesday Wars - straight into a reader's hands. I also put Lush by Natasha Friend and Millicent Min Girl Genius by Lisa Yee onto the shelves.

Finally, several students have finished their book trailers this week, and we previewed them in the computer lab. It was great to hear the students praising the efforts of others, and I was interested to see which books were chosen. Perfect and 11 Birthdays were popular, as was Ranger's Apprentice. They're so excited about reading, making the classroom a really exciting place to be.


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