Wednesday, May 19, 2010

About Reader's Workshop: Assessment

Hot on the heels of national assessment week, we now have classroom assessment in the lead up to report cards. One of my struggled has been balancing the school demands for assessment with the students I teach (getting them to read out loud to me doesn't tell me a lot when they never make a mistake!) and the demands of Reader's Workshop.

One thing I reularly ask the students to write is a book letter. Sometimes they're really short things, which keep me up to date with their latest reading and their thoughts on character or main idea. Other times they're much longer. The one we're working on at the moment, covers character, main idea and connections, although the students can choose which one they'd prefer to concentrate on more.

In terms of formative assessment, I often use discussion and book talks to see where the students are at, where I can move them forward, where they might be missing something etc. Unfortunately, we've moved to an entirely task based assessment system this year, so I have to disregard these when it comes to writing report cards. Which leaves you falling back on the old standbys - comprehension tests and reading miscues.

I have some ideas for more creative assessment - I'd love to do a Post Secret style activity with the class - but would love to hear how you balance the needs of assessment and reporting with the philosophies of reader's workshop and reading programs. Let me know!

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jamavon said...

What about getting the kids to record their book talks using Voicethread?

Or use Audacity to make a podcast book talk?

Perfect opportunities to incorporate ICT and the development of oral language skills in assessment.

A Reader's Community said...

I've used audacity for someone to record a book letter, but for some reason never thought to have book talks on there (duh!)

I'm so glad to see Voice Thread is being supported by Ed Qld- when it was first the rage in the US, it was blocked on school computers! Thanks for the link

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