Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Book Talk: Verse Novels

This week I'm going to be focusing on books, series and authors that are HUGE in my classroom.

It was honestly a surprise when it took off. I'd had Love that Dog sitting on my desk for a while, but I kind of put off reading it and recommending it in favour of other books. After all, there were two verse novels in my class, and neither of them had really taken off.

But then I finally read it. Wow! So I took it in, book talked it, and watched it take off. The boys couldn't wait to read it once one of them raved about it. They begged me to buy Hate that Cat and just about took it straight out of my hands when it got to the classroom. More and more began reading Pearl Verses the World (which is up for a couple of Australian book awards!). Then I bought Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall, which went straight into another pair of hands, and already has a line up.

Poetry is big. Which means that students are choosing to write it too. Which is a Good Thing, since that's what we'll be concentrating on early next term. And their poetry has become more thoughtful, more realistic, more personal. Just like the books they read.


Molly Zimmer said...

I introduced my middle schoolers to the book Locomotion, by Jacqueline Woodson, and they completely fell in love. I think the combination of poetry and storytelling is so intriguing to them. I even had students model some of their own poems after the main character, Lonnie's.

The book is captivatingly heartfelt, funny, and genuine...appealing to all students. One of the best books in verse I have ever read.

Reading Countess said...

I love verse novels. Home of the Brave, All the Broken Pieces, Out of the Dust and Locomotion are also some of my favorites.

A Reader's Community said...

Thanks for the recommendations - I'll put them on my wish list until the 'don't buy more books!' time is up :)

I handed over Shakespeare Bats Clean Up today, and the kids were clambering for it!

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