Thursday, December 31, 2009

Links: Great books Recommendations for Middle Grades

If you're like me, you're always looking for more good books for the classroom or just some more great middle grade books to read. A quick search led me to three great new places to find more book ideas.

Charlotte's Library: A great blog I've just stumbled across and immediately subscribed to. There are lots and lots of book reviews and recommendations here, with a focus on fantasy and science fiction, but encompassing other books as well. Go and subscribe now!

101 Out-Of-This-World Books For Kids Ages 8-13: Exactly what it says it is - 101 briefly annotated book recommendations. A quick count revealed I already have 28 of them in my classroom library and all of them are great books! Arranged into themes/genres for easy organising.

Good books for Grade 5 and 6: A list of books from the Logan Library in Utah. Includes publication dates.

And don't forget Jen Robinson's Book Page: a great book blog filled with kidlit news, great reviews and book lists.

Have fun finding some new books!

Find more links for Reader's Workshop here.


Donalyn Miller said...

In addition to the great sites you mention here, I must recommend Jen Robinson's Book Page. Jen includes indepth book reviews, topic-based booklists, and a recap of weekly kidlit news. Here is the link:

A Reader's Community said...

Oh thank you! I'll add it in. I've just subscribed to Jen's Book Page - continuing to lust over all the great US books that are hard to get here :)

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