Monday, December 21, 2009

What is Reader's Workshop?

The short answer: Reader's Workshop is a teaching model which allows students to enjoy and improve their reading.

The longer answer: Reader's Workshop is made up of a number of components, with the aim of improving student reading through reading. Students choose the books they read and read for an extended period during class time. Students are also expected to read at home. Along with the extended reading time, students participate in:

  • mini-lessons about everything from choosing books to character motivation
  • book talks in which students promote and recommend books they enjoy
  • teacher conferences - quick chats with the teacher about the book they are currently reading
  • small group lessons - a chance for the teacher to work with a small group to catch up on certain skills, or to extend students.

How does this improve student's reading? Well, when we learn an instrument, learn a new sport or take lessons at dancing, we know we can only improve by practicing. Readers get better by practicing. Of course, guidance is needed - as in dance, music or sport. This is where the mini lessons, teacher conferences and small group lessons come in. But most of the reading time is devoted to just that - reading, rather than worksheets,comprehension questions or book reports.

I will be posting more information, ideas, resources and recommendations about Reader's Workshop on this blog. Keep coming back for more!

The Reading Zone: How to Help Kids Become Skilled, Passionate, Habitual, Critical ReadersFor more information on Reader's Workshop, you might like to try Nancie Atwell's book, The Reading Zone  

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