Sunday, January 24, 2010

About Reader's Workshop: Picture Post - Still Setting Up My Classroom . . .

Yesterday I shared photos of what my classroom was looking like before I started and in the early stages of setting it up. Yesterday, my patient husband came in to help me get it looking right, putting up borders on the notice boards, hanging posters etc, so I took advantage of that to take some more photos.

This is still the messiest part of the room! I want to use the back parts for craft and science materials, my resource books, spare stationery and new books I haven't introduced to the class yet/need labeling. Unfortunately, at the moment, I think my stuff is taking up too much room - I want more space to belong to the kids. I'm going to have a play with that once I'm able to lift and carry again. The posters are (from the back) about types of poety, different verbs and different adjectives.

We have the computers all set up! Unfortunately, one of the data points doesn't seem to be working, so I'll put that on the jobs list for when the tech guy comes in. I also have flag and number borders, and a poster reminding the kids it's ok to make mistakes - I have a lot of trouble with perfectionist children.

Posters - definately brightened the room up :) There's parts of speech, the spiral one is different types of writing for Writer's Workshop and 'be more descriptive' with alternatives to common words. Hopefully someone will stick my clock up on the wall soon . . .

This is my '2009 star books' rack. After two weeks, I'll clear these books and get the students to put their own recommendations in there, along with any new books. I really liked the way the star stickers came out - hopefully they will entice some new readers.

One thing my ever-patient hubby did was to organise all my books into some form of order, now all the fantasy are together, the adventure are all together and all is right again! Here are some of the realistic books. On Monday I'm returning (school begins Wednesday) to reattach a lot of those labels on the front of the containers . . . with 2 pieces of string this time!

I know I showed my poetry books last time, but now my sign is there! I wrote out lines from lots of different poems in different directions to make the sign last year, and I still like the pay it stands out in the classroom.

The husband makes an appearance :) I was trying to show how my desks were grouped, but I still haven't quite shown it - I'll have to try again on Monday. Also shown, my 1990 era inflatable globes, which I hang too high for the students to find the mistakes . . .

I hope you enjoyed this little tour around my classroom. I'll take a few more photos before the real work begins on Wednesday!

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