Monday, May 10, 2010

About Reader's Workshop: The Critics

Almost every Thursday morning, we have our full school assembly. This consists of the full school sitting in a crowded hall, listening to awards and presentations and warnings about behaviour. Because of my need to 'be on time', we're usually there early, so we take our books along to pass the time (keeps them quiet, sneaks in some reading). I then collect them before the assembly begins (I'm not silly - I know they'll read during assembly if they can)

We were sitting there, admist the chaos, when a boy from another class - a student leader - came up and sneered at them. "Does Bob know how to read?" He asked me.

I was, well honestly, annoyed, shocked and saddened. Bob is an excellent reader - he reads adult novels as well as Young Adult novels, he reads quickly and thoroughly. He's also an excellent football player and loves his sport. I responded back, but the sneer stayed with me.

So now I'm searching for proof that you can be a sportsman/woman and read. I know I've heard stories of sports coaches insisting that their players read, I know there are sports players who read - I just need a way to present it to the kids to show that it's great that they read too. Any ideas? Please leave me a comment!


Becca said...

Could you do something with this article?

I've used it with my students. They really enjoyed the article.

A Reader's Community said...

The article hasn't come up - is it possible to post it again?

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