Sunday, May 9, 2010

Reader's Workshop Weekly Roundup: Week Fourteen

Well, this was the week we did it - the students have broken through 500 books read since the beginning of the school year! At the same time, I broke through 100 books, so we're all feeling very accomplished.

This was the week that poetry came to the fore, with immense interest in Love that Dog by Sharon Creech. The boys in my class, some of whom have been writing really great poetry, particularly loved the beginning - boys don't write poetry. Most of the boys who have been reading this have also been reading Shelter Dogs which I bought on my recent informational book spree. (I've built a decent collection of informational books now!)

We focused on test preparation this week, using an old Grade Nine test paper to show the kids that the same skills are useful at all levels. The mantra in our room is REREAD REREAD REREAD! a skill that is actually quite difficult for Gifted children. They went home wih strict instructions to do no homework but reading- the tests are next week . . .

I've also begun a blog for the kids - What Do I Read Now? Inspired by what I've read of Teri Lesesne's Reading Ladders (I've actually put the book down, which was really, really hard to do, so I could mull over it) I've begun making clearer connections between books, and I'm encouraging the students to do the same. I hope the students will be able to use the website to make their own connections (as I get it going) and find new books to try.

In my own reading, I've been really trying to fill the gaps I had from the recent Top 100 Children's Books. I'd never read Bridge to Terabithia before, so that was a revelation (of course I knew the ending, but it didn't stop it being really sad) I've also read The Westing Game (wow) and I'm currently reading The Tale of Desperaux.

Talking of The Westing Game - on Friday I devoted the first part of the day to Book Talks. I book talked Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief (read it!) and then The Westing Game. I was amazed at the response to it, though I suppose the children were interested in the links between it and books like 39 Clues. I also really enjoyed the student's book talks which included Joey Pigza, Love that Dog, The Recruit and other current favourites.


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